Sebastian Winkler

Sebastian was born in Berlin and studied computer science at Humboldt university of Berlin, Hasso Plattner Institute and university of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.. He is the co-founder and CEO of shoutr labs UG. Before shoutr labs I was the co-founder and CEO of coboltforge Berlin GbR, a successful app development company and I've been part of LayTec AG. I enjoy connecting with entrepreneurs, investors and potential partners and talking about business development, opportunities for our companies as well as strategic partnerships.

Christian Beier

Christian studied Cultural and Computer Science in Berlin. He started out exploring the intersections of art and programming, but soon set his focus on computer networks, Wi-Fi and mobile app development. As such, his primary field of work at shoutr labs is the shoutr.Boxx's communication backend and shoutr labs' set of native apps. Before shoutr labs, Christian was Co-CEO of CoboltForge, an Android app development company. He has also contributed to several widely used Open Source projects. In his spare time, he likes to go on long-range trekking trips in the great outdoors and tries to not let his bass guitar skills fall behind.

Benjamin Werner

Benjamin moved to Berlin to study Computer Science at Humboldt University. During his studies he worked at the Neurorobotics Research Laboratory then he decided to start the journey of being an entrepreneur with his good friends Sebastian and Christian. He is in charge of the product development at shoutr labs and still has his passion for robotics.

Ronald Liebermann

Key Account & Sales Manager
Ronald, actually born in the Allgäu, lives in Berlin since 10 years and studied History and Cultural Sciences at Humboldt University. He has co-curated an exhibition at Medizinhistorisches Museum Berlin and did extensive surveys for Museumsinsel, Deutsches Historisches Museum, DDR Museum, Topografie des Terrors and Holocaust Mahnmal, among others. In his spare time, he is co-chair of the children's fund Kinderhoffnung in Berlin.

Marius Hartmann

Marius was born in Berlin and studied music management at Høgskole i Hedmark, Norway. Alongside he worked for several music production companies and acquired a solid knowledge of business planning, market positioning, finance and management. After his studies he started his own company Audiovisor, a music licensing startup. In 2015 he sought new challenges, which he found at shoutr labs. Here he is responsible for finance and administration. On a part time basis he is still following his passion for music as a freelance music consultant for television.

Kai Heisinger

Kai was born in Berlin and is near completion of his studies in traffic engineering with a focus on aerospace technology at the Technical University Berlin. First he worked as an intern at shoutr labs last year but he quickly started to appreciate the working atmosphere and to see the huge potential of the firm so that he became an inherent part of the team after that internship. As all-rounder Kai operates in every part of the company to guarantee an optimal work flow.

Oliver Schmidt

Business Development
English description is coming soon.

Falko Krause

Backend Developer
Falko Krause is a studied Bioinfomatitian (FU Berlin) and ex-scientist in the field of theoretical biophysics (HU Berlin). His true passion however is web development which flourished in the creation of his startup Webpgr. While he is working on his own projects in the background he creates shoutr labs new content management system based on the latest web technologies, his economic drive to creating long-term maintainable software, and his love for the simple beauty of great algorithms.

Sascha Brossmann

Design Partner
Reflective creator (+ educator) bridging culture and technology with design.

Jörn Bode

Content Editor Coding Guru
Jörn is the mastermind behind shoutr labs' content editor. Before mastering JS and JQuery, he was realising a lot of professional Adobe Flash projects.

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