CeBIT 2017: shoutr labs with their virtual vehicle

Mercedes-Benz in front of the CeBIT building

Like last year we were at CeBIT among 3,000 exhibitors. Under the motto "discover d!conomy" we were enthusing the audience with an AR installation via our shoutr.System. We presented digital solutions for the automotive industry, architecture and museums as well as for the retail and logistics sector.

With the shoutr.App, visitors could access augmented content via their own smartphone and immediately share it with their family or friends: The T. Rex from the Science Museum in Berlin, a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, an animated alternator and an office building were streamed via our shoutr.Boxx - partly in 1:1 size in hall 17. It is also possible to stream the 3D models at home through the shoutr.App.

Get the full augmented reality experience through our shoutr.App

 Install the shoutr.App from the App or Play Store and get an impression of our technology: 


explosion view of a generator
T. rex from the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin
MT Højgaard A/S project,  school under construction

We brought our presentation of 3D models to the next stage by using the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, the first mobile phone with Google's Tango technology. The third integrated camera captures the surroundings and measures the depth of the room, so virtual objects are visualized without a marker. With this device we presented Mercedes-Benz S-Class outside of our booth.

In hall 6 we ran another booth under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. There we presented our shoutr.System and accompanied the program with regular pitches.

shoutr labs having a pitch at the CeBIT

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