Coding Da Vinci 2017

A group of people are sitting at the table and working with their laptop.

In October the University of Applied Sciences invited to the annual culture hackathon "Coding Da Vinci" where culture and technology come together. Here, hackers show the opportunities that the use of open cultural data holds. Small teams define different projects and develop prototypes (e.g. games, AR applications or data documentation) in collaboration with cultural institutions.
The shoutr labs staff took the challenge and is writing software for three exciting projects with the topic of cultural heritage.
After a six-week sprint, the teams will present their results and participate in a public competition.

The projects "Volks-Zeitung 100", a Twitter bot for posting 100-year-old headlines, “MauAR” to augment the Berlin Wall and "insects sorted by color" for the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin have the chance to win.
The award ceremony will take place at the Jewish Museum Berlin on the 2nd of December.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for our colleagues!

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