Museum für Naturkunde Berlin – “Tristan – Berlin bares Teeth”

T. rex

© Carola Radke, T. rex at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

The Exhibition

The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin shows the only original skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex in Europe. Under the title "Tristan - Berlin shows Teeth", visitors are sent on a research trip and receive insights about the 65 million year old discovery. Twelve meters long, "Tristan Otto" tells stories about life in the Upper Cretaceous. Over the coming years the exhibition is constantly being expanded.

Our Solution

Within the exhibition the spectacle "Tristan Otto" can be experienced at six multimedia stations. Our shoutr.Boxxes are integrated into an ERCO rail system and provide the respective content. The data is accessible for the visitor via the browser as well as via the shoutr.App. On six stations we attached shoutr.Beacons, which automatically give a notification when new content is available. In addition, visitors can experience the T. rex realistically through shoutr.VR. Employees of the Museum für Naturkunde keep all information up to date through their personalized shoutr.CMS. The texts are made accessible to visitors in different languages by the shoutr.Multilingual function. Users of shoutr.App also have the opportunity to access content outside of the exhibition space.

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