Tutankhamun – His tomb and his treasures

The Exhibition

In 1922, at the end of a five year expedition, the archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the grave of Tutankhamun, son of heretic king Akhenaten and one of the last kings of Egypt's 18th Dynasty. The associated worldwide press hype and a veritable Tutankhamun fever influenced the time of the "Golden Twenties".

It took ten years to transfer all artifacts to the Museum.

This process was documented for the entire time by photographer Harry Burton. His detailed photos form the basis for the exhibition “Tutankhamun – His Tomb and his Treasures”.

More than 1,000 exhibits - in the form of replicas - have been collected in an unique way. They are displayed exactly as they were found in 1922, letting visitors follow Howard Carter’s footprints.

After the exhibition was on display in Munich and Dresden it moved on to Graz, Austria where it can be seen since March 22. As before, the shoutr.Boxx system enriches the experience of discovering Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Our Solution

Each visitor receives a smart loaner device at the entrance (currently Apple iPods), only running the exhibition app. In this app, multimedia content can be accessed by number entry.

A special part of the exhibition is the so-called cinema area where the history of Egypt until Tutankhamun and the life of Howard Carter are told by movies projected onto large screens. Audio to these movies is played sychronously on the loaner devices using shoutr.Audiosync. The whole experience is launched automatically via shoutr.Beacons without any need for visitor input.

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