EnergieCity Leipzig

The Exhibition

The main focus of our activities is building and running EnergyEvent Centre Leipzig. In the first phase, we are erecting a two-storey cube-shaped exhibition building as an information hub and venue adjacent to the main railway station in central Leipzig. When complete, EnergyEvent Centre will contain 400 square metres of exhibition space, including 100 square metres for lectures and other events. The building is designed as a Plus-Energy House and will be equipped with several pioneering technical features. We expect to attract more than 26,000 visitors annually. In addition, the building will be regularly used as a venue for special events by our partners from industry, business, and public and private institutions as well as chambers of commerce, professional bodies and private educational establishments.

(EnergieCity Leipzig)

Our Solution

At the centre's construction site, a shoutr.Boxx is currently serving information about construction progress and project partners. All media is directly streamed to visitor's smartphones and can easily be viewed in a web browser, without the need for a native app. In the completed exhibition centre, a dedicated shoutr.Boxx-System will serve location-based content via shoutr.Beacons and offer guided multimedia tours as well.

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