Liebermann-Villa Wannsee

Liebermann-Villa Wannsee

The Exhibition

The Liebermann Villa at Wannsee was the summer home of the late artist Max Liebermann. Today, 154 of his works are exhibited there. These printed graphics, pastels and drawings are inspired in particular by the villa and the 7000 m² large garden. The Liebermann Villa is permanently accessible as a museum for visitors.

Our Solution

At the entrance of the Liebermann Villa, visitors can borrow a device or have the opportunity to use their own smartphone during the tour. Through our shoutr.Ticketing system you get an access code, which temporarily transforms your smartphone into a multimedia guide. Visitors can access the content of the shoutr.Boxx directly via the browser and experience an interactive tour. Over the multimedia guide, additional information about the paintings can be seen. Guests explore the world of flowers in the garden with an online plant classification. Liebermann Villa employees add all the desired content to the shoutr.CMS, which we provide. A highlight is the 360° panoramic view of the property. Visitors can see the villa and the garden in a summery atmosphere, like Liebermann did in his time.

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