Magic City – The Art of the Street

Street Art at the Magic City exhibition

The Exhibition

"Magic City - The Art of the Street" is a touring exhibition, after Dresden and Munich it will be shown worldwide. In a PopUp museum, the 40 best street artists worldwide present their art on 2.500 m². Monumental wall paintings, 3D illusions and multimedia installations fill the premises. In addition, the exhibition is accompanied by readings, guided tours, lectures and a film program. The directors of "Magic City" are also responsible for the famous exhibition "Tutankhamun - His Tomb and his Treasures".

The Solution

For the tour exhibition, we created a shoutr.App, which is available by loan devices. The shoutr.App gives visitors information on the individual works: biographies of the artists, videos and descriptions about the craft extend the exhibition. In our shoutr.CMS, the content can be edited and complemented at any time by "Magic City" employees. Due to the shoutr.Multilingual function, the content is available in two languages. Each loan device is provided with an anti-theft. In near future, the exhibition will be extended with a virtual reality project.

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