Tutankhamun – His tomb and his treasures

The exhibition In 1922, at the end of a five year expedition, the archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the grave of Tutankhamun, son of heretic king Akhenaten and one of the last kings of Egypt’s 18th Dynasty. The associated worldwide press hype and a veritable Tutankhamun fever influenced the time of the “Golden Twenties”. It took […]


EnergieCity Leipzig

The Exhibition The main focus of our activities is building and running EnergyEvent Centre Leipzig. In the first phase, we are erecting a two-storey cube-shaped exhibition building as an information hub and venue adjacent to the main railway station in central Leipzig. When complete, EnergyEvent Centre will contain 400 square metres of exhibition space, including […]

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Mesh Network

Thanks to intelligent mesh algorithms our shoutr..Boxxes do connect over the air and create an autonomous network, no need for cabling or drilling through walls. All shoutr.Boxxes cooperate in the distribution of data in the network.  



shoutr.Beacons are coin-sized devices that constantly emit a unique identifier. With this Bluetooth Low Energy proximity sensing, a visitor’s device’s physical location can be tracked, allowing for neat features like location-based actions such as check-in on social media or a push notification.



With the shoutr.Editor, you can create content for your exhibits all by yourself. You don’t need a marketing agency. We give you all the tools to create rich multimedia content easily. If you wish, we can help.


Visitor Engagement

We offer exciting solutions to connect your audience with your exhibits and with each other. Let them play games together, enable them to leave feedback or create new content.



Sell access to your shoutr.Boxx system diretly via the browser. No app needed.


Appless Solution

For most use cases, there is no need for a native app. Visitors can enjoy the shoutr.Boxx system directly from their browser, tremendously lowering the entry barrier for new users.  


Multimedia Streaming

Stream any kind of multimedia content directly from the shoutr.Boxx to your visitor’s smartphones. Your visitors do not require a connection to the internet. The shoutr.Boxx system can deliver high volume content such as Augmented Reality data, HD videos or any kind of media directly to your audience.