A shipping container full of garbage. In front of the container is a schoolgroup.

Ocean Plastics Lab

©Ocean Plastics Lab The Exhibition On the initiative of Federal Ministry of Education and Research, in cooperation with the German Marine Research Consortium, the European Commission and other partners started the touring exhibition “Ocean Plastics Lab”. The exhibition deals with the increasing pollution of the ocean. Four shipping containers symbolize the amount of waste that […]

A hand is holding a mobile phone with a multimedia guide in front of a cross.

Friedhof der Märzgefallenen

The Exhibition Friedhof der Märzgefallenen (cemetery) in Berlin is a memorial for the German March revolution from 1848 and German November revolution from 1918. On the 18th of March 1848, inhabitants of the city demonstrated for democratic rights and rebelled against the troops of the Prussian King Frederick William IV. More than 200 people fell […]

Liebermann-Villa Wannsee

Liebermann-Villa Wannsee

The Exhibition The Liebermann Villa at Wannsee was the summer home of the late artist Max Liebermann. Today, 154 of his works are exhibited there. These printed graphics, pastels and drawings are inspired in particular by the villa and the 7000 m² large garden. The Liebermann Villa is permanently accessible as a museum for visitors. […]

Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge - German military cemetery in Langemark

Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge – German military cemetery in Langemark

The Exhibition The German war cemetery Langemark in Belgium is a cemetery for 44,304 German soldiers, who fell in the First World War during the Flanders slaughter. The Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V. manages the memorial on behalf of the Federal Government. The Volksbund is responsible for the recording, maintenance and preservation of German war graves […]

EnergieCity Leipzig

The Exhibition The main focus of our activities is building and running EnergyEvent Centre Leipzig. In the first phase, we are erecting a two-storey cube-shaped exhibition building as an information hub and venue adjacent to the main railway station in central Leipzig. When complete, EnergyEvent Centre will contain 400 square metres of exhibition space, including […]


Der shoutr.Editor ist ein Teil des shoutr.CMS über den eigenhändig Inhalte erstellt werden.


Create electronic visitor surveys and find out what your customers like the most. With shoutr.Beacons, these surveys can be automatically triggered on the visitor’s device, for example at the end of the exhibtition.


Sell access to your shoutr.Boxx system diretly via the browser. No app needed.


For most use cases, there is no need for a native app. Visitors can enjoy the shoutr.Boxx system directly from their browser, tremendously lowering the entry barrier for new users.  


Das shoutr.Sync ermöglicht die Wiedergabe von Audio-Daten simultan und mehrsprachig zu Video-Projektionen.