Exhibition Design

We can also assist you in planning and designing your exhibiton, connecting new concepts with innovative technology.


Content & Storytelling

If needed, we help you to create your digital content and to tell the story you want your visitors to listen to.



The shoutr.Boxx system is able to stream the audio of any video projection directly onto your visitor’s smartphones, multilingual and in real-time. The shoutr.Audiosync works without a native app, directly in the Browser.



Thanks to the shoutr.Boxx’es WiFi, we can serve full internet access to your visitors, if wanted. Optionally, access can be limited to social media sharing sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as well.



Our products and services are designed for people with disabilities. For the visually impaired, content can be easily made bigger or read out by our text-to-speech system. Adjusting font size or colors can also easily be done to make content more accessible.



Gain important insights about your audience in real time! Which are the most interesting exhibits and points of interest? How often does your audience watch specific multimedia content? How did they like your place? Find out about it.

web exhibitons

Web Exhibitions

Additionally to local deployment to your shoutr.Boxxes, your content can be published on the world-wide-web as well for remote customers to access. This makes it possible to share teasers for your soon-to-be visitors and extra content for people that already visited your exhibition.


Indoor Localisation

By means of shoutr.Beacons, the shoutr.Boxx system can locate your visitors even inside a building and convey location-based content to them.


Customised Solutions

Thanks to our well-balanced team of coders, graphic designers and culture specialists, we can easily create a custom-built solution specifically for you. Just ask.