No Smartphone

No smartphone, no problem.

For visitors that do not own a smartphone, we also offer loaner devices, headphones, charging stations and lanyards.



The shoutr.Boxx system is also able to employ outdoor localisation of your visitors via GPS and deliver location-based content. This can happen without an app, directly within your visitor’s Browser.


3D Modelling

If wanted, shoutr labs can also create 3D models of your exhibits and visions.



We can also help with any design tasks – together with you, employing a lean design thinking approach.

Multimedia Guide

Multimedia Guide

The smartphone is the new multimedia guide. Instead of buying countless loaner devices, make use of your audience’s devices. They are already capable of playing all kind of multimedia content such as video, audio or augmented reality data.



Thanks to our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept, visitors can easily access all contents offered by the shoutr.Boxx system using their very own smartphones or tablets. That way, it is possible to create much tighter customer loyalty by because they access your content via their own device. For instance, that facilitates much easier sharing […]


Information delivery

We deliver content the right way: Via smartphone, loaner device or directly in the browser.


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) enables your visitors to view a physical, real-world environment supplemented with animated, 3D-modeled extra content.This way, even complicated information can be conveyed in a simple and intuitive manner. Thanks to shoutr labs’ Augmented Reality Offline Streaming, the AR contents are delivered directly from the shoutr.Boxx system to your audience’s devices – no Internet required. Try it […]