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The shoutr.Boxx-system is an information system for visitors that provides position based interactive content for in- and outdoor purposes. The content is transmitted by an autonomous high-speed Wi-Fi onto the smart devices of visitors (BYOD- Bring Your Own Device) and does not need an Internet connection for visitors. This Wi-Fi infrastructure is provided by the shoutr.Boxxes. Their unique feature: content with high bandwidth can be made available in places where it is hard to get a mobile Internet connection and without wasting the user's monthly data volume. Especially to people without a high mobile volume data plan or a low amount of space on their phone this is very important. Additionally, the shoutr.App is very small and provided directly on-site. Usually, guide apps have a size of hundreds of MB because the whole content like multimedia files or augmented reality data needs to be downloaded beforehand. In that respect, shoutr labs shows its innovative aspect as it provides all data via streaming from a local installation. This has a noticeable impact on conversion rate because for some installations, you do not even need an app and can access the information in directly your browser.

With the shoutr.Editor, you have the possibility to present interesting places, objects or services with so-called webapps, based on state-of-the-art web technologies. The single modules of a webapp can include text, pictures, videos and other multimedia data. By assigning webapps to beacons or GPS coordinates, you can create spatially defined content. If a visitor passes by such a geofence, the shoutr.Boxx automatically transmits and shows the right content onto her device and keeps it ready for interacting with it. Finally, the shoutr.CMS (content management system) that is the central interface of webapp, shoutr.Editor and shoutr.Beacon, gives you the opportunity to administrate your whole content and the corresponding hardware.

To get the exact position of the venue's visitors, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons can be used. These shoutr.Beacons are attached to exhibits and send out a special shoutr.ID which is be received by mobile devices in vicinity. Once a visitor walks by such an exhibit, the corresponding contents get transmitted and displayed automagically on her smartphone. It is possible to assist or replace this beacon-based exhibit detection by other technical means such as a phone's camera. Furthermore, shoutr.Beacons provide a more precise indoor navigation than the standard method (assisted GPS) and allow applications such as personalised tours.

The shoutr.Boxx Components

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