Distributing your location based data

by shoutr labs.

The shoutr.System is a visitor information system to provide interactive multimedia content both indoors and outdoors. The transmission of data to the mobile devices of the visitors (BYOD - Bring Your Own Device) works with an autonomous high-speed WLAN and does not require the devices to be connected to the internet. The WLAN infrastructure is provided by shoutr.Boxxes.

The shoutr.App is very small compared to usual apps. The shoutr.App is especially for new presentation techniques such as augmented reality. We select an innovative approach and provide all data directly on site, which has a significant impact on the conversion rate.


the core of the shoutr.System. It consists of a memory stick and WLAN module. The content from the shoutr.Boxx is transferred to mobile devices at high speed. All shoutr.Boxxes communicate wirelessly within a self-sufficient network.


a small transmitter for indoor installations based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Shoutr.Beacons make local content available.


a software for creating, editing and organizing content in the form of text and multimedia.


a part of the shoutr.CMS, on which content is created.


the interface between shoutr.Boxx, shoutr.Beacon and the visitor. The shoutr.App streams multimedia data and shoutr.VR units.


allows access to content directly through the browser. A native app is not necessary.


allows the full use and control of multimedia units: audio, HD videos, augmented reality or 360° panorama views.


allows different languages ​​to be defined in shoutr.Editor.


allows playback of multilingual audio synchronized to video projections.


shows animated 3D models, from augmented to virtual reality or 360° panorama on mobile devices. The data is distributed directly from the shoutr.Boxx, thanks to our augmented-reality-offline-streaming.


assures access to shoutr.Boxx content outside of buildings via GPS.


runs through a payment system. Admission tickets can be sold directly from the browser to your visitors so that the content is available only for authorized users.


provides detailed real-time evaluations and statistics.


allows direct access to the social media community such as Facebook, Twitter etc.